Investing in young people,

exploring opportunities and futures

'Educating Beyond The Classroom'

All About The Skills Academy

  • GFTS works alongside schools and other professional services to offer young people the opportunity to experience a range of vocational skills, a focus for future study and a taste of the workplace.

  • Located in Wadebridge, Cornwall we currently serve the East and the North of the county.

  • Experienced staff from both education and industry offer expertise in a number of vocational skills, Life and Employability Skills and provide guidance into Post 16 education and employment.

What's Been Said ...

" The Skills Academy at GFTS has made a significant difference to young people at Wadebridge School.  The opportunities provided to the students allow them to see a clear next step in their education in a variety of practical areas, often resulting in them returning to the school environment with a real purpose and renewed motivation to engage in school life. 


Furthermore, all students have shared positive experiences of working alongside the members of staff at GFTS, who provide a safe learning environment, where all students feel comfortable and supported. "

Steve Simmonds
Assistant Head Teacher - Wadebridge School